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Pediatric Sleep Consulting


Certified RN

I'm Jenna. I'm a Mama to two (Aynslee and Arbor), a Pediatric ICU/Burn Center nurse, and a lover of all things sleep. When I had my first daughter in 2013 I was bound and determined to make her a good sleeper. With my work schedule, it was so important that we have a good sleeper and a baby that easily could adjust and go with the flow of crazy schedules. 

I was always asked why my sweet Aynslee never cried and why she was sleeping 8 hour stretches at night at 8 weeks old. Her sleeping so well during the day and night led to me helping many others who had the same wishes. In 2015 we had our second little girl, Arbor. Arbor had lots of tummy issues and gave us a run for our money. But thanks to the individual eat, wake, sleep routine that I created for her, she was sleeping 5 hour stretches at night at 5 weeks old despite having horrid reflux. 


Our Awakening

4 the Love of sleep.png

4 The Love of Sleep was created and launched in December of 2019. As a nurse, I know how important sleep and safe sleep is in the development of your little one. As a Mama, I know how important it is that your little one feel loved, have a flexible routine, and a baby that actually sleeps. 4 The Love of Sleep is unique in the fact that I personally work one on one with each of my clients to develop a routine that focuses on what your baby's developmental needs are and the needs of your family. I work with babes of all ages, from newborn through five year olds. I would love to chat more and help get you and your baby the sleep that you both deserve. 

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