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Parent Perspectives

Ashton Unrein APRN C

Pediatric Primary Care

Wichita KS

I highly recommend Jenna to any and every parent. Sleep is so important not only for those growing and developing babies but also their parents. Working in healthcare, pediatrics specifically, I spend a lot of time educating families on the importance of safe sleep and encourage developing good sleep habits at a young age. However as a mom myself, I developed several bad habits out of desperation for sleep. I feel like most parents can probably relate. I am forever grateful I made the decision to reach out to Jenna. I cannot say enough about my experience. Jenna was so easy to work with. She gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to get my little one sleeping through the night on his own; which in turn allowed me to get sleep. I recommend Jenna to all of my patients and their families in addition to my family and friends. I encourage them all to reach out to her as soon as possible and get started on a sufficient sleep schedule. Jenna knows what she is doing! She is extremely knowledgeable, educated and experienced but most importantly she is comforting and calming throughout the process. Just what every parent needs. Thank you for everything Jenna, not only what you did for my family but what you are doing for families across the country!


Mom of a 6 month old

I truly cannot put into words how wonderful my experience was/is with Jenna!! I was worried at first how supported I would feel knowing it was all over texts and that she would be working with multiple people but my worries disappeared within the first hour of the first day!! Nap 1 was obviously the hardest with a lot of communication needed, and I felt like I was her most important priority not only then but the entire time!! I loved how personalized everything was to our family as a whole not only helped with sleep but with our forever struggle with feeding too! My favorite part was just Jenna in general! She is a compassionate, real mom who isn’t super “by the book” and has a judgement free zone. She still believes in snuggles and loving no matter what!! I will continue recommending Jenna to anyone who needs help with their babies! My 6 month old is take 1.5-2 hour naps and sleeping through the night now! Truly an angel on earth!!


Mom of a 9 week old 

We’re so grateful for Jennas help! My 9 week old had only slept in our arms at night - never once slept in his crib or bassinet. He had taken a total of maybe 5 naps out of our arms. It was wearing on us. We started working with Jenna and by the end of the 3 days he was sleeping beautifully in his crib for naps & night time. Even got a 7 hour stretch on night 3! We’re super impressed and so grateful that life is feeling a little more normal. Super recommend!


Mom of a 9 month old 

I can’t say enough amazing things about Jenna and the support she has for her clients! My 9 month old would start off the night in his crib after rocking to sleep, but was up 2 hours later and would inevitably end up in my bed by midnight so he could sleep. He craved mama and wouldn’t sleep for long periods without me. He was held for almost all naps unless we were out and about/in the car. The first night of sleep training with Jenna’s tailored routine went better than I thought it would and by night 3 my son slept 12 hours all night without a single peep, I cut out all night feeds (which I nursed him 2-3x a night just to get him to go back to sleep) and he naps 1.5-2 hours twice a day!! To say I am overjoyed is an understatement! Thank you Jenna for all your support through this transition to better sleep for ALL of us!

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